Friday, March 14, 2014

#DWJMarch: Fan Art Friday 2

Welcome to the second Fan Art Friday. Today I want to feature a couple of my favorite pieces of DWJ fan art.

I've always loved this first piece by chirart (Jayd Aït-Kaci of Canada) that has Christopher Chant and Throgmorten the cat (who does indeed say "wong")--

Chirart has other Chrestomanci pieces too that are all amazing and perfectly capture his style as described by Diana.

I also adore this piece by Kecky called Derkbabies --

It's Shona and Kit and all kinds of cute!

Finally, I found this painting by gyldenstjerne showing Cat, Klarch and Syracuse from The Pinhoe Egg --

I apparently have a thing for DWJ's griffins -- how about you?


  1. These are fun! I especially like the middle one by Kecky, and I haven't even read that story!

    1. Imagine a human kid and a baby griffin that share some DNA so that they can actually communicate and act like siblings. Awesome, right? :)

    2. Definitely awesome! Makes me want to pick up this one sooner rather than later now!