Friday, March 28, 2014

#DWJMarch: Fan Art Friday 4

For this last Fan Art Friday, I want to share some of the Diana Wynne Jones memorial fan art that I've seen.

Of course, my favorite piece is Granny Diana by yellowcrayolacrayon. She was so kind to let me use it for the event button when I asked. I love that she put Diana between Sophie and Howl.

Artist jetblac has done this RIP DWJ piece that I adore --

He says that for "those having trouble guessing we have Helen, Joris and Jamie from Homeward Bounders, Howl, Calcifer, Sophie and Morgan from Howl's Moving Castle series, Jonathan from Tale of Time City, Ann, Hume, Mordion and Yam from Hexwood, Janet, Rodger and Cat from Chrestomanci series, Erskine, Fifi and Howard from Archers' Goon, Millie, Cherestomanci, Julia and Tacroy, Ella, Lunkin, Olga, Ruskin, Claudia and Felim from Year of the Griffin, Hafny and Gair from Power of Three and Luke from Eight Days of Luke".

Finally, this piece from Deus-Marionette simply remembers a young and happy and healthy Diana --

We miss you, Diana!

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