Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RIP IX: New Release: Jackaby

I knew had to get my hands on Jackaby by William Ritter as soon as I heard about it. And my enthusiasm was not misplaced because this turned out to be one of my favorite books of the season!

Abigail Rook is a twenty-one year old Englishwoman who can't stand the idea of the quiet life she is expected to lead -- so she absconds with her college tuition and goes to Eastern Europe to "hunt dinosaurs". After an unsatisfying stint there, she travels to America to keep searching for something she's not sure exists for a late-Victorian woman. However, very soon after she arrives in New Fiddleham, she ends up working for R.F. Jackaby, scientist and paranormal investigator. Though she's not a believer, she needs a job and she doesn't half mind all of the old biddies around town that try to warn her off Jackaby. And really, what is most unbelievable to Abigail is that she just might have found her place in the world.

I loved, loved, loved this book. It has some of everything and it is all brought together in an interesting and fun way. Jackaby is smart and amusing and Abigail is brave and also intelligent. But what I loved most is that they still needed each other. Their world views are very different but they are definitely complementary. I'm so excited to see that there is a sequel to Jackaby already in the works. There is a lot of "creature" territory available to explore as well as room for these characters to grow.

Unearthing a treasure,