Friday, November 21, 2014

A Little Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances/life/general malaise, I took yet another unanticipated blogging break. Just a common sentence in the story of my blogging life. But fear not, all is well with us. I think the time change and the severe temperature drop conspired to make me logy and lazy. I've been reading though and pretty soon I will tell you about --

Green Angel and Green Witch
Morrissey's Autobiography
The Land of Laughs
Where'd You Go, Bernadette

Right now, though, I'm reading The Glass Sentence by S.E. Grove. I saw lots of praise for this first-in-a-trilogy about time shifts in the world that leaves different regions in different historical eras. There is travel and exploration again in the world (1891 in the New England-ish region) as everything needs to be remapped and new histories correlated. It wasn't quite working for me but then I hit this passage, a discussion right after the parliament of New Occident voted to close their border to people from bordering regions and to deport those already there --
"This is what I don't understand,' the housekeeper said. "Surely people in New Occident see that almost everyone here was once from somewhere else --everyone has a foreigner in their past."
"Yes, but what we have seen today," Shadrack replied, "is what happens when fear overwhelms reason. The decision is illogical. It makes no sense to deport some of our finest laborers, merchants, and tradespeople, not to mention mothers, fathers, and friends. They will live to regret it."
This was so ridiculously topical right now that my interest is again piqued and I'll keep reading.

Back to blog another day,

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