Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Baker's Dozen of (Non-Bookish) Photos From the Year

As I always share so many of my book photos through the year, I thought I would also share some of my favorite non-book photos from 2014. Enjoy!

Okay, so I'm starting with one that has a book in it but this is really a picture of my fat cat. The cat in the book is fat because she gets pregnant. My cat is a boy.

Strange illumination

At the Washington State capitol

On a field trip to the estuary

By the sea, Padilla Bay

A walk through the woods on San Juan Island

Bumper cars

The end of ... everything?

The Seattle Great Wheel, from the Seattle Aquarium

At the local park

Chickens who are ...

In Pittsburgh (name that building)

And it seems only appropriate to end with a double rainbow.

Looking forward and out,

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