Wednesday, October 7, 2015

RIP X: 7, The Mangle Street Murders

Moving right along with my RIP reading, I was in the mood for a detective story so I picked up The Mangle Street Murders by M.R.C. Kasasian, first in the Gower St. Detective series (there are currently three books in the series). The crimes were strange but nothing incredibly amazing but the characters were fantastic.

The year is 1882. March Middleton's father had died and she has no other relatives and so she goes to live with her godfather, Sidney Grice, in London. She has never met him but she knows he is a famous detective. What she finds is a strange, arrogant man with an ill-fitting glass eye and a poor opinion of young women. But, fortunately, March is awesome and she immediately inserts herself into his business. Though her instincts sometimes fail her, her unique knowledge does not and through the course of the story she grows into a formidable detective in her own right.

The best part of this story was definitely the commentary on the various lives of late Victorian women. From match girls to wealthy widows, this book presented a broad range of female lives. March's strength was refreshing and Grice's late change of heart was as well. I will definitely be continuing on with this series.

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