Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#MarchMagics - Favorite Fan Art

Because I am not an artist, I love going to look for artist's interpretations of my favorite characters after I'm done reading a book. My favorite place to do this is on DeviantArt. Here are some of my favorites related to the DWJ and Pratchett reading I've done this year. (You can click through for bigger versions.)

Tiffany Aching: books by Ner-Tamin on DeviantArt

Oook Tribute to Terry Pratchett by maiarcita on DeviantArt

Derkbabies by Kecky on DeviantArt

Empty your pockets, Chant! by monotogne on DeviantArt

Terry Pratchett Nation by Ullbors on DeviantArt

Where do you go to find fan art? Have you ever tried making your own?

In awe of talent,


  1. I love the Tiffany Aching graphics -- beautiful! And the baby griffin is adorable.

    1. I've posted that griffin picture before but I just can't resist it. Baby Kit!

  2. BABY KIT! That is adorable. Seeing fan art like this just makes me so envious of people who can create art. Being able to imagine something and then make a visual representation of it -- wow. I wish wish wish that I had that skill.

    1. Same here. I sometimes get ideas of how art should look but I could never actually make it exist. I am also very jealous of artists.