Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Friends With Boys

One of the graphic novels that I enjoyed the most this past Readathon was Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks. Maggie, the lovely girl on the cover, is the youngest of four kids. Just like her three older brothers, she was homeschooled until high school by her mom. The difference now is that her mother, finally done with raising her kids, has gone away to live her own life. So Maggie starts high school with no friends, a police chief father, and, well, a ghost lady from the nearby graveyard as her protector.

This was just such a great story. There were parts with no words that didn't need them --

because Maggie's face was so expressive. There were parts of the story that were so perfectly high school --

like the random enthusiasm of Lucy for this old museum piece. There was the hint of supernatural stuff, which I love, but most of it was honest emotion and high school-type happenings. I rarely reread graphic novels but this is one that I'm already looking forward to revisiting later.

Making a new book friend,


  1. I really enjoyed this one. Also The Adventures of Superhero Girl, which is her comic collected into a book. Very funny and on point (as my daughter would say).

  2. Replies
    1. I was wondering that the whole time I read it. ;) She ends up befriending a brother and sister and there's some plot about that boy's friendship with her brothers and some other boys but Maggie herself doesn't really become friends with boys the way I assumed she would. I honestly don't know!