Monday, September 17, 2018


I feel really bad because I haven't been updating you on my RIP reads but every time I get out my computer to blog, I just can't find the will to write. So, instead, I'm going to share a few photos of my reading that I've taken over the past couple of weeks. I'm on my sixth RIP read right now and it has been a mostly amazing season so far!

This lovely quote was from The Incredible Crime by Lois Austen-Leigh. Now, you would think that this was a line that then demanded that the woman show everyone how awesome she actually was but no, this book went on to make the woman less independent. The "incredible" crime ended up being kind of lame, and the clues laid for the mystery were all misleading but not in a good, smart way, just in a badly-written kind of way. Super annoying from Jane Austen's great grand-niece or whatever.

Then I read Jasper Fforde's latest, Early Riser, which is now one of my favorite books of the year. More on it later, I promise. But if you love him, you will likely love this. If you haven't gotten on with his style of writing before ... well, this is definitely more of the same.

I needed something amazing to follow Fforde so I grabbed one of the new books I ordered this year, Dark Tales, a collection of Shirley Jackson's short stories. I liked almost all of the stories and really loved about of third of them. Reading one after the other did start revealing her formulas a bit though so I think next time I read her stories I will spread them out a bit more. These I read all in one day!

I also just finished listening to the fourth Lockwood and Co. book, The Creeping Shadow (Jonathan Stroud). I like this series more with each book because the story gets darker and more convoluted. I've already got a hold in on book five and I hope it comes through before the end of the RIP season.

And finally, I'm reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n for the third time. It's just as amazing as the other times I read it. I love CRZ's writing and Lucia Graves' translation skills are A+. I'm looking forward to the second half of the story!

This week I'll pick up All Systems Red from the library and start the audiobook of Jackaby for a reread. Those should both be fun!

I am absolutely loving my perilous, escapist reading right now but I'm guessing my blogging mojo will be missing in action until after the election in November. You can expect more of these quick updates from me until then.

How is your RIP reading going?

Back to Barcelona,


  1. I love your quick update! I don't always like short stories, but I like the ones Shirley Jackson writes. And The Shadow of the Wind is one of my favorite books! Zafon is an amazing writer. Enjoy the rest of your RIP reading. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty picky about short stories too but when they're good, I love them.
      And I just finished Shadow yesterday and I it didn't lose any of it's power on a third read. :)

  2. I loved the Jackaby audiobooks so I think you’ll enjoy it!

    I attempted to read a short story collection of Sherlock tales by Lindsay Faye and I hated it, so.

    1. Oh good! I've only read them so far so I was hoping the audio would be good.
      And that sucks about the Sherlock. I think I read an anthology a few years ago that had one of her stories in it. I can't remember anything about it though! I'm picky about Sherlock though. I've skipped so many of these new daughter/wife/whatever stories because I'm afraid I'll get too grumpy about them.

  3. I’m super eager to get started on RIP myself next week. I agree about short story collections—I like a bit of space between stories by the same author.

    1. I'm definitely going to remind myself of this in the future!