Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am feeling a bit tired tonight so all I am going to ask you is this -- what do you use for a bookmark? I use just about anything -- receipts, scraps of paper, file cards, actual "bookmarks" -- but my secret is that I enjoy having it be something with sentimental value. Sometimes I use a certain ticket stub from a certain favorite concert and it just makes me feel happy to see it each time I open my book. It's like it adds something to the book.

One thing that I never use for a bookmark -- the dust jacket of the book. I don't like doing that at all -- I couldn't tell you why. And I would never, never turn down a corner of a page.

Until my brain comes back,


  1. Hi there! I never turn down book pages, either. I like using the ones that the bookstores give out, or sometimes a cardstock insert from a magazine (subscribe now! Just mail this card back!). But I usually just wish I had a better book mark.

  2. Hi! I use lots of those things, too. I esp like those little magnet bookmarks that have two little magnets clipping on either side of a page. Then when the kid grabs the book, the book mark doesn't fall.

  3. Nora - Oh yeah, I use those subscription cards too ... there's gotta be *some* use for them!

    Wendy - I've never tried the magnet bookmarks but I like the idea of something that can resist a kid ... just as long as it's not something that interests him and then he would just pull it off!