Thursday, October 9, 2008

"A distant howl rides the breeze, echoing through all the trees."

Z took his dad with him to the library for the first time this week and they picked out Wolf's Coming! by Joe Kulka. This is an adorable book that starts with gasping and ends with laughter. Wolf is coming and everyone starts running home. They hide in the dark, keeping quiet until Wolf pokes his head in the door and then ... Surprise! It's a birthday party for Wolf! Z was cracking up and he loved this book. He liked the release of tension and the happy ending. He takes this book off the shelf every day and we enjoy it over and over.

As a side note, this book has been nominated for this year's Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award. The award will be decided by Kindergarten through Grade 3 kids in Washington State.

Surprised by this happy book,
K and Z

Buy Wolf's Coming! on Amazon or find it at your local library.

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  1. I'm glad to read that you enjoyed my book. Thank you for mentioning it on your blog.
    Best wishes,
    Joe Kulka