Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quiet but Still Reading

Z and I are missing-in-blog-action while we deal with the massive Northwest weather event of the past few days including

--the terrifying prospect of wind only two years after the worst week of our homeowning lives.
--the escape to a hotel close to the mall so that we could finish Christmas shopping and eat something other than peanut butter sandwiches and waffles.
--the disappointment of Alaska Airlines cancelling their flights today so that my baby sister can't come until late on the 24th. Grrr.

I promise we'll be back soon and I will give you a lot of nice filler posts while I take a few weeks reading Bleak House. For those of you that love the picture book reviews, there will probably be more of those! And I will finally get around to showing you my awe-inspiring Wizard of Oz collection.

Countdown to normalcy and waiting for room service,
K and Z

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