Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Call for School Library Preservation

I'm sure everyone can agree that a love of reading most often begins when one is young. And this love of reading cannot be nurtured without the availability of books to all children. Not all parents can afford to keep a wide variety of books in the home so the most important resource to children are libraries. And the most important libraries for children are those that they can access five days a week -- those at school.

Lucy Coats of An Awfully Big Blog Adventure wrote today about the shocking loss of school libraries in England. I encourage you to go read her author's-view post and then to find out what the situation is in your own neighborhood schools. I know that our district has reduced staff in the libraries to just one librarian in the past couple years. As they reassigned school nurses to two schools instead of one this year, I can only imagine what they will do with librarians. I know that I will be active in trying to save this important educational resource for my kid and yours.

Acknowledging the worth of libraries,

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