Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Return of a Classic Kid Series

One of the things that both T and I remember fondly from our childhood days are the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Recently, when we were at Barnes & Noble, I noticed a brand-spanking new set of CYOA books on the shelves. Much to my surprise, I found that they have been re-released! There are the classic ones like The Abominable Snowman and Space and Beyond and new ones as well. The new spin on them is that they include not only the written ending choices but also have "secret" web content with additional endings.

If you aren't familiar with Choose Your Own Adventure, you start a story and get to a certain page and the narrative splits -- if you want A to happen, turn to page 7, or if you want B to happen, turn to page 22. This continues for a few steps before you reach an ending. These books add a lot of excitement for a kid who has trouble with standard books and also make for some pretty short stories for kids with short attention spans. They are also great as lessons in choice and consequence. But most of all, they are just fun -- after all, they have "adventure" in the series title.

Rejoicing in the choice,

Buy Choose Your Own Adventure books on CYOA.com or find them at your local library.

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  1. I LOVE the Choose Your Own Adventure books from the past!!! I had no idea that they were re-released and will definitely have to check them out soon!!! Yippee!!