Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Animal Fun in Small Doses

Z's favorite magazine right now is National Geographic Little Kids. Not only do they have access to the beautiful photography of the National Geographic archives, but they have the resources to put out a beautiful, colorful magazine every other month. They put a lot of focus on young animals and family units. Right now, Z's favorite part of Kids are the six collectable animal cards that come with the bi-monthly publication. We have a small photo album that we have made into his "scientist" book and he puts away the cards each time and looks through the whole album again. He knows almost as many species of animal as I do -- and I have a Zoology degree!

National Geographic also has a Kids magazine for ages 6 to 14 (10 issues a year) and a fantastic website for all kids.

Learning about obscure animals,
K and Z

Buy a subscription to National Geographic Little Kids or National Geographic Kids from the National Geographic Society for only $15 a year.

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