Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The Italian lunged forward."

Frank Tallis' Vienna Blood is "Volume Two of the Liebermann Papers". I reviewed the first book in the series, A Death in Vienna, last December. The main characters are Liebermann, a Freud-trained psychoanalyst, and Rheinhardt, a police inspector. This time, they are investigating a set of seemingly unrelated murders that nevertheless seem to be perpetrated by the same maniac. This book also spends some time exploring the beginnings of the white supremacist movement in Austria and Germany at the turn of the century.

I enjoyed this book only slightly less than the first. The writing was still fantastic -- it was only the subject matter that bothered me a bit. The racial cleansing dialogues were not exactly to my taste. I do appreciate that they are part of Vienna's historical tapestry at this specific time but it still makes me angry and ill.

The amusing thing that Tallis continued in this book is the in-depth discussion of the various pastries available to the Viennese. He never fails to make me very hungry! I will definitely pick up the third book in this series, Fatal Lies, as soon as I have some free reading time.

Craving some sort of torte,

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