Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book Prizes ... Do You Care?

Another book award list was announced today, the nominees for the Orange prize. A book I recently reviewed, The Invention of Everything Else, made the list and another that I intend to read, Girl in a Blue Dress, is on there as well.

My question for you is whether book prizes really make a difference in what you choose to read. I have to say that I will use them as exposure to titles I haven't heard of but the award process itself doesn't make me more or less likely to read a book. I don't participate in challenges that are just about reading award winners. My choice process is solely about what I would find to be an entertaining or fulfilling read. How about you?

Thinking all readers should get to present their own awards,


  1. When I hear awards announced, I will at least check out the summaries of the books nominated to see if I am interested. So prizes do get me exposed to the prize winners, but it doesn't necessarily mean I will read them.

  2. I go over the lists and check out what books I might find interesting. It's a great way to get introduced to authors I may not have heard of.

  3. i have mixed feelings.

    on one hand, there are a zillion books that are published each year and these awards kinda help sort out some books.

    then on the other hand, who gives a F about awards? who knows what sort of politics happens in the publishing world.

    and on another hand, i feel as if there are a zillion awards too. is there an oversaturation of awards?

    i've got three hands now.

  4. I admit, I haunt the prize lists...but not just because they are nominated or win prizes, but because they usually point me towards new, wonderful authors or good books (although some lists I have found to be very hit or miss). The Orange Prize lists are my favorites...I have found some great books there. On the other hand, I read TONS of books that have not been recognized by the prizes.

  5. So it sounds like we all use the lists to see what's out there but wouldn't necessarily read a book JUST because it won an award ... good to know!