Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pop Into Fun

All young children enjoy pop-up books and Z was finally old enough this Christmas to receive two pop-up books of his own from his Gramma. These ones are fantastic books by Paul Stickland, a book illustrator.

First, we have Swim Little Fish! about a little yellow fish with some fun shimmery scales -- looking a bit like Rainbow Fish. He has to stay safe while passing an octopus, a shark, a manta ray, sea turtles and dolphins until he finally reaches his parent. The pop-outs are VERY large and bright. They are also quite sturdy and on thick cardstock so this would even be a good supervised read for younger kids.

Then we have Dinosaur Stomp! which is a cute book about dinosaurs heading to a dino dance. The dinosaurs are brightly colored and rather tame. This one is good for the excitement and the big teeth! I think that pop-up books are a great way to stimulate little minds and also to teach kids to be respectful of books. They lose the fun of the book if they don't take care of it. Z is really good with his pop-up books now!

Popping out for a read,
K and Z

Buy Swim Little Fish! here and Dinosaur Stomp! on Amazon.


  1. Hugo is just starting on a dinosaur kick, so I'm happy to know about this book!

  2. Oh we loved Dinosaur Stomp - crazy rhymes. Never seen a pop-up version, but our flat copy was much loved. We also really liked the Buggliest Bug by the same writer. I bet that tale would work well as a pop-up too.

  3. Hmm ... I should check if there is a good bug pop-up. That's something Z loves right now!