Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mystery Read-A-Thon: Update Three

I was able to get through four more stories this morning --

The Oracle of Amun by Mary Reed & Eric Mayer - a story set in Egypt and featuring the Greek historian Herodotus as detective. This was the first story that I really felt was well formed and well-executed. I enjoyed it!

Cupid's Arrow by Marilyn Todd - not my cup of tea. The heroine of the story is not likable and the short love story was improbable. The mystery was acceptable though.

The Spiteful Shadow by Peter Tremayne - set in Celtic Ireland and featuring the legally-minded Sister Fidelma. This was very methodical and I liked the Sister very much. She is similar to Akunin's Sister Pelagia in some ways. There are apparently twenty books in the Fidelma series and I will definitely consider starting the series.

Catherine and the Sybil by Sharan Newman - in medieval France and also starring the characters from a series (the LeVendeur series), this was a good mystery but I didn't get a real sense of the characters themselves. I might look this series up as well.

Time Spent Reading: 1 hour 20 minutes
Total Read-A-Thon Time: 2 hours 50 minutes

I will just keep at it today with some breaks for lunch and possibly a bit of shopping. Z is reading some Early Readers and watching the Horton Hears A Who! movie. He's always really good when I am reading!


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