Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mystery Read-A-Thon: Update Two

I did end up reading one more story before sleep -- Death in the Desert by Jean Davidson. This was the fictional mystery of who attacked The Queen of Sheba in the middle of the night during her journey to present gifts to King Solomon. Again, the elements were there to call it a "whodunit" but it was quite brief and not very satisfying.

After I got Z going this morning, I sat back down and read Robert Reginald's The Judgment of the Gods. This was another so-so story -- strangely with an ending that contradicted the opening scene as it was written. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose.

Time Spent Reading: 45 minutes
Total Read-A-Thon Time: 1.5 hours

I have a few things to do around the house and then I will sit back down with my book!


1 comment:

  1. Looks like you're doing great, Kristen :)

    I'm 2.5 hours in, and 100 pages into my first book which is quite good (Best Intentions by Emily Listfield)