Sunday, November 8, 2009

Discussion: Domestic or Import

The other day I chose a book at the used bookstore, not noticing that it was a UK edition. While I was reading it, I eventually spotted the foreign URL on the back and was just a little excited. Then I wondered why. It's the exact same cover and text as the American version. There's nothing special about it. I used to buy a lot of import CDs because they had extra content but books are the same no matter where they are released, right?

But then I started thinking of the exceptions. There are different covers. There are different titles like The Philosopher's Stone versus The Sorcerer's Stone or The Sister versus The Behaviour of Moths. And then there are the times when a book is just not available in your country yet.

So what do you think about foreign versions of a book? Are there times when you specifically look for a different edition than the one locally available? Or is it just not something that matters to you?

Wondering if the books are better on the other side of the pond,


  1. I've never made a special effort to get UK editions over US editions, although I have several UK editions of books I bought in the UK or that I got from the Book Depository before they were available here.

    I could see myself making a special effort for books I intend to keep, especially when the title or cover is dramatically different. Sometimes the UK version is just much more appealing(like with the Behaviour of Moths), and I'd rather have the more attractive version for my permanent collection.

  2. Interesting thoughts, a while back I did a post on American vs. English covers and actually on the whole (there are some cases where its the opposite) I prefer your book covers. Though sometimes your title changes are a little strange hahahaha.

  3. Love love love UK editions. Usually, the covers are way more imaginative and attractive.

    They're harder to find though.

  4. I think it's funny that Simon likes the US versions and Lena likes the UK versions ... I guess we do tend to like what the other person has!

  5. I never seek any particular version out ... but I do tend to notice in mid-read if a book was published in the UK because I keep thinking "Why are they spelling color as colour?"
    or some such thing.