Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Release: Death in the Stocks

Sourcebooks continues to re-release Georgette Heyer's mysteries and the most recent one to cross my path is Death in the Stocks. Thankfully, this one does not take place in an English manor house which was a refreshing change!

Wealthy businessman Arnold Vereker is found dead in the town near his country home, stabbed in the back with his feet in the stocks. When it emerges that his family and business associates all felt at least a mild dislike for him, everyone becomes a suspect. When a missing family member returns from the dead, the plot thickens even more.

I really liked this mystery. Superintendent Hannasyde is a pleasant and smart detective and the characters, though flawed, were not quite as over-the-top as in other Heyer mysteries. The London setting was interesting and a nice change of pace. Written in 1935, I think this book holds up very well. I hope to find more like this in the Heyer catalogue.

At least I won't be killed for my fortune,

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  1. Oh, a period piece mystery! Sounds good. If you're interested in FTC disclosure logos that are kinda' fun, check out

  2. Love Heyer, but haven't read this one yet. It's patiently waiting on my shelf, though. Soon :-)

  3. I read Why Shoot the Butler? and enjoyed it. :) I've grown to love Heyer more and more over the past couple of years!

  4. I won't be killed for my fortune either ... I guess that is the silver lining of not having a lot of money!

  5. HC - It's a great early twentieth century piece.

    Aarti - I like the variety that you are able to get from one author with Heyer!

    Eva - Awesome! I hadn't even read Heyer until last year and she's slowly becoming a favorite for comfort reads.

    Jenners - That's what I'm saying!