Monday, March 1, 2010

The Reading Calendar: February Edition

Z had a pretty great reading month in February.  We read about half from our shelves and half from the library.  We read almost all picture books this month which was fun and the calendar really helped remind us to grab a book -- even if it was just a short one before bed.  March is going to be a bit different because it's Z's school read-a-thon and he's supposed to read or be read to for 40 minutes a day for four weeks.  Instead of reading a hundred picture books, we're going to try and get through some of the chapter books on our shelves and see what we can find at the library.  As you can see, we started Beverly Cleary's The Mouse and the Motorcycle last night.

If you have any other great suggestions for quick-moving chapter books, let us know!

Sticking (and stickering) with our reading plan,
K and Z


  1. Lynn (Lynne?) Reid Banks wrote those Indian in the Cupboard stories, which are great, and she also wrote a fantastic one called The Adventures of King Midas. It has a dragon!

    Is The Mouse and the Motorcycle the one where you make the motorcycle go by doing Vroom Vroom noises? I thought that was so cool when I was a kid!

  2. I'd love to start chapter books with the Little One but wasn't sure where to start. I'll have to come back and check out your responses. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know!!! We need to break out of picture books but I don't want to scare him off by pushing too much too soon!

  3. Kristen...these children's books look wonderful!

  4. Jenny - Good idea about Indian in the Cupboard! He might like that one.

    And yes, that's the one! Z liked the ambulance part at the end!

    Jenners - I will definitely pass on any suggestions. I noticed that our library has spine stickers for "early chapter books" but that there weren't many. We read one yesterday that was short but the language was weird.

    Diane - Thanks!

  5. J.D.'s teacher has been reading the Boxcar Children series to the kids in class and J.D. loves them. I haven't had a chance to get some from the library to check them out for myself, but J.D. has been raving about them for weeks.

  6. J Corbett - I have never read The Boxcar Children books either but should check them out! Thanks for the idea.