Friday, April 23, 2010

The Book List Meme: Three Favorite Eras to Read About

Three Favorite Eras to Read About?  This week's Book List is kind of an easy one for me ...

  1. Victorian England (ie. David Copperfield, The Meaning of Night)
  2. The Golden Age of Egyptian Archaeology (ie. the Amelia Peabody series, The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb (Poirot)
  3. Post-Partition India (ie. Midnight's Children, A Suitable Boy)
Although now that I've looked through my books, there are so many more eras that I read about regularly -- post-Great War England, the Spanish Inquisition, modern India and Pakistan, Victorian New England, Regency England, pre-Revolution France.  And then there's everything else -- including many books that are set in imaginary places and universes so that they have no "era" to speak of.

What eras do you find yourself reading about the most?  What are your favorite books set in my favorite eras that I may not have read yet?

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  1. It seems we have similar taste is "eras." I've never shared era taste with anyone before.
    I'm still trying to work out what my "favorite" type of book is, let alone era, though. I'm trudging through the classics to see what it's all about. When I grow up, maybe I'll know. :)

  2. I agree, everything else.
    But if I have to narrow it down I would say Europe 1920 - 1960.
    I love WWII and the period leading into and out of that war.
    Surprise, surprise that is what I write about.


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  3. I try to read about a different era each time. So if I've just finished a Victorian era novel, I'll read a modern one or a Roman one or something sufficiently different (so Victorian then Georgian is too similar) I don't really have a favourite era though, as long as a book captures my imagination I'll read it no matter which era or country it's set in. So at the moment I'm re-reading Catch 22, but I'll probably follow that with The Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri.

  4. I have so many eras that I like to read about but since I am allowed to name only three, I will say that these are: 1.Victorian Era (my favorite of all) 2.Between the two World Wars 3.Regency Period

    I just loved books that are set in the past.

  5. Those are really really specific eras! : )

  6. Paige - I think this is really the first time I've sat down and thought about it. Mostly, I just grab whatever catches my eye. I think these eras are the books that I end up loving the most though.

    Al - I love Victorian England but I'm not sure if I would ever feel confident enough to write something in that time period. I always think I would just default and do something modern.

    Tracy - I rarely read back-to-back too because I think it will cause me to compare books more than I want to. I also just want a different experience after a few days.

    Andreea - Good choices!

    Jenners - I saw someone else who had a 100+ year period for one of their choices. I guess we define era in different ways!

  7. Great list, Kristen!

    I love books set in India, but had no idea how to choose an era for it!

    I need to read more in Victorian England time period.

    Ancient Egypt is one of my favorites, too. Just love it!