Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of April 18

Thank you again to everyone for the birthday wishes and more this past week!  I had a great time which was due, in no small part, to having ice cream twice in one day.  :)  I got a few new books (Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks, The Devil and Sherlock Holmes, Nicholas Nickleby and The Forgotten Garden), some cds, a malachite bead bracelet and a candle holder -- all wonderful gifts!  Now on to Starred Saturday ...

Are you thinking about Cinco de Mayo yet?  I might try making these Mexican Fried Ice Cream Cupcakes that I found on Tasty Kitchen.  Although they seem to be missing the ice cream ...

The Spotlight Series is revving up again -- this time focusing on NYRB Classics.  They have a fantastic list of novellas so I think I'm going to try and participate with three books!

Have you ever made an embarrassing typo?  I bet it wasn't this bad. (via The Millions)

Are you going to be in the Cornwall area soon?  Here's a unique bed and breakfast for your stay.

For all of you book bloggers out there who might be questioning why you continue doing it, check out Eva's inspiring manifesto.

How much more gothic can you get than the Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral which is made of black volcanic rock?

And finally, I absolutely love this video of an octopus who steals an underwater videocamera and then hitches a ride on a spear gun.  What a life! (via io9)

Finding intelligent life both high and low,


  1. I really like Nicholas Nickleby. I might have to pop down to Cornwall and check that little island out. I should probably go there, anyway. Seems nice.

  2. Paige - I'm going to choose another Dickens soon and it may be that one! And that island looks quite unique. If you go, take pictures!