Saturday, April 10, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of April 4

Happy Saturday!  I hope that those of you participating in the 24 Hour Read-a-thon today are having fun!  Since we've been on Spring Break, I've been doing a lot of extra reading this week already so the Read-a-thon seemed like overkill.  Instead, I'm going to get outside and enjoy the remainder of the break.  Don't forget that this coming week is National Library Week in the U.S.  Neil Gaiman is the honorary chair this year.  Check your local library for events or just stop by and support those who work hard to bring you an amazing resource!

First this week, I was happy to see that they aren't just destroying old books to make home decor.  They are also mangling vinyl records.  Okay ... so maybe "happy" isn't the right word ...  (via Apartment Therapy)

If you haven't visited Pictory yet, this is a good time to start.  They accept submissions of photographs on a single subject and a short caption is included with each picture.  The variety of pictures that come with each subject is always amazing.  This week's subject is London.

I can't embed the video but the Times Online has Sir Christopher Lee doing a reading of the poem Jabberwocky at the British Library.

And have you seen Funny or Die's Drunk History?  They get a narrator plastered and then they recite history and have it re-enacted by famous comedians.  It's pretty dang funny if you are into that sort of thing.  io9 has a Tesla episode where the narrator actually pukes during the taping.  It's not for the weak-stomached.

And here is Neil Gaiman reading his own poem, Instructions, to support a newly released version that is illustrated by Charles Vess.

And to close out the video focus this week, I don't want you to miss the baby penguin from Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo!  They opened the new penguin exhibit here last summer and obviously the birds are happy with it because they are breeding.  There are now two chicks!

Having a high bandwidth week,


  1. This post is packed with good stuff! I'm going to check out the London thing - I've got thousands of photos there. Nice thing about it being so close...and me being a photo taking maniac.

  2. Oh, mercy, that Drunk History thing is too funny! I confess, when I get drunk, I am way too inclined to tell dramatic stories out of history. Often stories about Oscar Wilde. It's pretty bad.

    And I love the video about "Instructions".

  3. Paige - I'm sure that when I finally get to London I will take a million photos!

    Jenny - You're funny!