Friday, April 9, 2010

The Book List Meme: Three Book Covers That Fall Flat

This week's Book List Meme topic is the opposite of last week's -- three book covers that just don't do it for me.  I'm going to do it the same way and give more general examples of what I don't like in a cover.  And just for the record -- this is not a judgment on what is in the book so you don't have to try and convince me that any of these are good!  I will never not read a book because of the cover.  But ... I have been known to place certain books face down on the table on purpose!

1. There are actually two things I don't like about this cover.  One is the big fat ad that is printed on the cover.  I hate when they make ads that look like a sticker but they're not.  You can't take them off.  The other thing that I dislike is when the author's name is printed in a way larger font than the book title -- like it doesn't really matter what the book is.  Not a fan.

2. Man nipples and airbrushed abs?  Ick.  What is romantic about man nipples?  And what's with the airbrushed ribs on this one?  Airbrushing is icky.

3.  Movie tie in covers ... why do they always have a circle on them that says "now a major motion picture"?  Are there readers who think that Meryl Streep and George Clooney just pose for book covers?  Duh!  And I just don't like having these actors interfering with my own mental picture.  This one is even worse because "Julie" is a real person.  Why can't she get her own picture on the book?

Maybe I will expand on these later in a bookish pet peeves post.  I like to rant about book covers!

Taking off my cranky pants,


  1. I hate movie covers. They always just look like a big advertisement for the movie.

  2. I HATE the "now a major motion picture" circle.

    Mostly because it makes me look like I bought the book after I saw that movie. It's a psudeo-OCD/semi-pretentious thing.

  3. "Are there readers who think that Meryl Streep and George Clooney just pose for book covers? Duh! " - I love that comment!

  4. I join in the general loathing for movie tie-in editions. I particularly hate it when I find a used copy of a book I really want, and it's so cheap, but it's a movie tie-in edition. Even when I do end up buying it, I tend to eventually get a better copy with a less stupid cover.

  5. Good choices! I actually hate all the Sookie covers ... they are just not very intersting.

  6. I listed movie tie-ins as a least favorite as well!

  7. Katy - Sometimes the movie covers make me want to see the movies but have never made me want to read the book. ;)

    J - I'm like that too! I don't want people to think I'm reading the book because I saw the movie! Especially because I make an effort to read the books first.

    Jux - Thanks. :)

    Jenny - Yeah, I bought one movie tie in cover recently because it was $2 but luckily it didn't have actors on the cover.

    Jenners - Yeah, the artwork is kind of bad, isn't it?

    Captain - I wonder if there are any serious readers who like them? I've never met one.

  8. I love all your explanations! I agree- does anyone really not understand that the book is a major motion picture if the actors are on the book cover?? Well, I guess there are those few who also need warning labels not to iron their clothes while they are still wearing them, so....

  9. Rebecca - So true! We are probably overestimating the intelligence of some people. :)

  10. I agree with your choices! I hate anything extra on a cover.