Friday, May 7, 2010

Coppernickel: The Invention

Recently we received a totally nerdy-awesome (my own word) picture book -- Coppernickel: The Invention by Wouter van Reek.  I opened the package and Z saw it, grabbed it from me and ran away yelling "it's for me, right?!?"   Since he was so enthusiastic about it, I decided to make him actively participate in this review!

K: Who is this book about?
Z: A bird in a red hoodie named Coppernickel and Tungsten -- he's a dog.

K: What is this book about?
Z: Inventions.

K: What are they trying to invent?
Z: A stick so that his hand doesn't get bitten and two sticks so that crocodiles don't bite Coppernickel's legs.  (Note from K: This is a description of the sketches on the end papers.)  He invents a stick that he balances on.  (Note from K: Also known as a bridge.)  He invents a roof so that his head doesn't get wet.

K: What are they trying to invent in the book?
Z: They're inventing "a machine for picking high-hanging elderberries".  (Note from K: He just read that part from the book.  Cheater.)

K: Does the invention work?
Z: Um, yeah ...

K: Really?
Z: The machine doesn't grab berries.  It grabs Coppernickel.

K: Who saves Coppernickel?
Z: Tungsten does!

K: How do they get the elderberries down from the tree?
Z: With a stick that gets them down.

K: Did you like this book?
Z: Um, yeah. Yeah, I guess so. Yeah.

K: Do you like it a lot or a little?
Z: A lot.

He's had this book out for a few days now and seems to find something new every time he looks in it.  I think it might end up being one of our go-to gift books for kindergarten age kids!

Inventing the useless interview,
K and Z

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  1. I loved this review:) I am glad that Z loved it so much!

  2. Love the interview format! Would love to see it again! (Hint, hint.)

    Love the bridge comment!

  3. Love the format!!! You've sold me!! :)

  4. Thanks, Andreea!

    Jenners - Will do! He's not old enough to sit down and form his thoughts but he can certainly answer questions. :)

    Tif - Awesome!