Saturday, May 8, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of May 2

Welcome to a hectic Saturday here in WeBeReading land.  This coming week holds a festive occasion -- Z's 6th birthday!  My youngest sibling (the darling S) is flying up from California for the big day and we are having a Slip n' Slide party for up to twenty kindergarteners on Friday afternoon.  Yikes!  So if we don't comment on your blogs this week (or possibly even post), we are just busy making food, decorating and having a party!

If you haven't heard about a Seattle boy's inspiring Make-A-Wish superhero experience, go have a read.  It gives you back a bit of faith in humanity.

Tove Jansson's illustrations of Middle Earth from The Hobbit are strange and magical.  (via io9)

Torani, makers of flavored syrups usually found in coffeehouses, has come up with a new flavor. (via Techland)

Jacket Copy has gathered some of the best photos of readers around the world.  It makes me, well, want to read!

And the video of the week, via EW's Shelf Life, is Bill Murray reading poetry to construction workers --

Now wish me luck while I clean house, weed the yard and do a lot of other pointless things because six year olds won't notice anyway!

Grateful for a sunny forecast,


  1. Good luck with your chores!

    On the subject of my lies on my blog.
    I'll give you a half point for your answer! :)
    As you said I did move around, and more than a bit but as I phrased it it strictly speaking wasn't true.
    Thank you for the complement, I enjoy sharing!


    Publish or Perish

  2. Those illustrations of The Hobbit are so cool! I love them.

  3. Happy Birthday to Z!!!! I hope it is a complete blast for him and you!!

    That little superhero is amazing!!! It literally brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing that one!

  4. 20 Kindergartners and a Slip and Slide? They'll have a blast ... you'll have a headache. Happy Early Birthday to Z!

  5. I love it when you do these posts. Bacon syrup? Um. No.

    I love Torani, though. I used to use it to make homemade Italian cream soda. I reeeeeeally want one of those now.

  6. Al - Thanks for the half point! ;)

    Jenny - I think they're very refreshing and I love how they seem very culturally influenced.

    Tif - He's so incredibly excited! And I'm so very thankful that he's healthy and happy right now.

    Jenners - We got the awesome two lane slide! And I'll admit to hoping that all twenty kids don't show up. ;) Just in case, I've planned margaritas for the evening after the party!

    Paige - Yeah ... I don't think I would have much use for bacon syrup. Although, I did try a bacon maple bar today and it was delish! We use a hint of Torani Vanilla in our homemade coffees for some depth. Yum!