Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Release: The Secret Lives of Princesses

This is not a standard review for The Secret Lives of Princesses because this is not a standard book.  This beautiful over-sized book by Philippe Lechermeier and illustrated by Rébecca Dautremer is a unique look at the fairy tale princess.  It introduces us to some special girls, princesses you might not have heard of, like Princess Somnia who sleeps constantly and Princess Paige that spends every waking moment in a book.

Most of the princesses have their own page, giving information about their hobbies and talents.  Some are good and some are spoiled.  Each is an individual and is defined by many different things.  Most will feel familiar to young girls dreaming of becoming the princess of their own world.

The vibrant colors and unique illustration style are enough to draw any reader into this fantasy world.  There is also a wonderful companion website should you wish to explore this concept a bit more.  According to the Princess Personality Quiz, I am a "whimsical princess".

From the princess proverbs section at the end, I leave you with these words of wisdom --
There is a crown for every head.
Revealing my true royal nature,

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  1. I think my niece will LOVE this! :D

  2. I saw this book at B&N when I was there a few weeks back, and it looked so delightful! I wish I had a younger cousin or something to give it to!

  3. I want this just for myself. It sounds adorable.


  4. This looks so cool!! And I realize I could be a princess .. Princess Somnia sounds like me!