Saturday, June 19, 2010

Starred Saturdays: Week of June 13

If you've been holding your breath for the last week, wondering if Z was going to graduate from kindergarten, feel free to let it out now.  He's officially a first grader!  Apparently his singing and picture-drawing skills are up to snuff.  His summer goal is to build a robot.  Mine is to read as much as possible -- preferably while enjoying some sunshine.  Dad is going to have to help him with the robot!

Speaking of dads, this is a wonderful Pictory slideshow of fathers and father stories.

Are you a writer that wants to marry old and new technologies?  How about converting your old machine into a USB device?  There's a cool (and very short) video demo on the page.  (via Techland)

I'm an incredible spelling nazi and this piece, 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling, makes me happy.  I might have seen it before but it's worth a second glance.  (via Scott Perkins)

Slate has found a strange link through many modern novels -- the distant dog bark.  (via The Millions)

If you're looking for a way to help the fauna of the beleaguered Gulf, check out ripple.  You can donate $10 to one of two organizations (one for mammals and one for birds), send the donation confirmation in and receive a sketchcard of your choice by an artist or child.  I love so many of them and hope that this project continues to earn money for some of the victims of our fossil fuel dependence.  (via Booklights)

Paige of Life is a Phoenix went to Peru and took some amazing panoramic shots.

And for my nerdiest readers (not naming any names ... okay, you know I mean you Jenny!) --- Doctor "Whooo" by pu-sama (via io9)

Catching z's, rays and up,


  1. Hahahaha, oh my God, those owls are too cute, I can't even take it. Oh, the David Tennant one.

    So Z's singing and picture-drawing passed muster, but the crucial point is his hermit-crab-care skills. That's what nearly did me in, when I was a kindergartener.

  2. Yay for Z! The Little One is going to first grade too. I guess it isn't a "guarantee" anymore. There is this program called T1 for those kindergartners who aren't deemed "ready" for 1st grade. His teacher told me he was! Whew!

    And Paige's photos just blew me away!

  3. Jenny - I knew you couldn't resist the owls. :) I think the artist did a fantastic job! I actually got a "needs improvement" in jumping rope in kindergarten.

    Jenners - There were a couple little ones that are still learning their letters and numbers. I'm not sure what will happen with them but I don't think we have a specific program. I'm worried about what will happen to them through the years, though.