Saturday, June 12, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of June 6

Four more days of school left and I can't wait to turn off that morning alarm!  We are not morning people here -- especially with daylight lasting until around 9pm right now and still getting later.  This also means that Z is almost done with kindergarten and I'm freaking out just a bit!

Simon S. (Savidge Reads) wants your pictures of where you read.  I took a couple snaps while we were on a ferry last weekend heading to beautiful Bainbridge Island.  We're going to have a warm one this weekend as well so I should have a chance to get a few more shots!

The Movie Title Stills Collection is a boring name for an extraordinary collection of the most dynamic movie title shots from feature films.  I'm definitely a sucker for the film noir section.  I want to watch all of them.  (via io9)

Heading to Massachusetts this summer?  Take a detour to the Montague Book Mill and spend an afternoon browsing through their 25,000 titles.

Jacket Copy has a sweet piece on the history of baby books.

And I love (and by "love" I mean in a long-distance way) most sharks but I think this goblin shark is the most repellant animal I have ever seen (via io9) --

Making summer plans that involve sun and sleep,


  1. Thanks for these. Love the movie titles site!

  2. Thanks for the links.

    I have a soft spot for sharks (when I'm not in a the water anyway)
    What a bizarre looking animal that goblin shark is. It doesn't look quite as odd when it isn't projecting its jaw to bight, but still...

  3. G.R.O.S.S. That goblin shark is gross.

    And I wish my Little One would sleep in just ONE FREAKING DAY! I know I will spend my entire summer getting up at 6:00 am. Ugh.

  4. Lenore - I love the variety of styles they used!

    Al - It's true ... I picked an unflattering picture of that poor goblin. ;)

    Jenners - We are VERY lucky to have a sleeper. Well, except for the mornings where I have to try and get him up for school and I have to drag him out of bed at 8 against his will!