Friday, June 11, 2010

A Picture to Explain Thousands of Words

Simon T. asked for a picture that represented our reading (or at least part of it) without being a picture of books and the more I thought about it, the more something like this seemed appropriate --

photo by Art Wolfe via Getty Images

There is a large portion of my reading that tends to be full of darkness and complication but there is also always a smattering of light and a glimmer of hope.

Here is Simon's post of other participants' pictures.  I am looking at the other entries now that I've chosen my own photo.  I didn't want to be influenced!  What would your picture be?

Relishing the sunlight,


  1. I can't see the picture in that square, Kristen! (maybe it's my computer settings?)

    I like the idea of trying to sum up all of that reading experience in just one image, though.

  2. I love your choice and explanation. I'm going to have to remember to go visit some of the other entries ... I love this idea.

  3. I'm loving seeing everyone's pictures! It's interesting to see the many different terms in which people think of their reading.

  4. "full of darkness and complication but there is also always a smattering of light and a glimmer of hope." - sound like my type of books! I like your choice.

    Seems like we have similar taste in reading. While my picture isn't exactly the same as yours, but I think they represent very similar things!

  5. Tracy - It's a link to a photo so maybe it was down when you tried? It was really challenging to think of a visual idea!

    Thanks, Simon! This was a fun idea!

    Jenners - I know. It was cool to link the visual with the written word in an abstract way.

    Jenny - I love the number of manor houses. ;)

    Christa - I'm going to check yours out now!

  6. kristen - all I still get is 'the website declined to show the webpage'! Must be me.

    Any picture to represent my taste in books would have to be an abstract entitled 2 Eclectic.

  7. Hi there - I was trying to collate all the images into a single post, but now I can't see it either on this page or when I click on the little white box where the image used to be... is it me or is it you?!

  8. Tracy - Try just going to this link ...

    Simon - The link changed. I've just updated it!

  9. Thanks Kristen! Yes, I can see it now! Definitely illuminating :)