Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Reading Calendar: June Edition

June was another month of average reading for Z.  He was moody because of the end of school and so we didn't get much read in the first two weeks of the month.  And now he's been spending most of his free time outside so we are forgetting to read lately too!  It's funny because I spend all of that time outside with a book.  But Z never takes a book outside -- and honestly, I can't remember reading outside when I was little either.

Z is also participating in our library's summer reading program with a goal of 1000 minutes of reading for the summer.  He just hit 100 so we're definitely going to have to work harder to meet the goal.  I'm thinking it might work better to have a set time to read each day.  Right now we tend to remember right before bed (remember to record our times and all -- he usually reads throughout the day in small bursts) and then he's antsy and tired and it doesn't always go well.

One thing that has been happening lately is that he is asking for more definitions of words that he's not familiar with.  Also, if he's not sure of the word you say out loud, he will ask you to spell it.  I think it's great that he's trying to learn instead of being intimidated by new words.  Still, he's six and the number of times that he willfully mishears words is really high as well!

Time learning together is time well spent,
K and Z


  1. It is SO good that you do this with him. That's still a lot more smiley faces than most kids get!

  2. Our reading has gone down the toilet too. I think kids just need a break for awhile once school is done. The Little One thinks summer is just one big party. (For him ... not for me. I'm sick of kids and can't wait for camp to start!)

  3. Thanks, Paige! That's what I always try and remind myself -- that we're still doing a great job.

    I agree, Jenners. The time with absolutely no expectations is essential (for both kids and parents!).