Saturday, August 21, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of August 15

It's Saturday again already!  I'm a bit silly tonight so don't mind my cheeky comments.

I forgot to include this link to French circus posters in either of my circus-related posts this week.  There's some pretty cool stuff in here.  It would have been awesome to see the guy who could make shadow puppets with his feet!  Do you think he could really make a rooster?

How about art made from the text of your favorite classic novel?  I don't think I could resist getting a magnifying glass and reading the poster!  I'm a compulsive reader.

I love "12 Style Icons for Fashionable Nerds".  Although I probably wouldn't date someone who dressed like Mr. Bean, but the young Jimmy Stewart?  Maybe!

This Northern Ireland church turned skate park looks pretty awesome.

Book pron -- a two-story "climb inside" bookcase .  Did I mention that I'm moving to a house where I can have one of these?  I am.  Right now.

Wondering what your favorite (or your least-favorite) author makes in a year?  Wow.

And here, for your viewing pleasure is a beautiful photoplankton bloom off of the coast of Ireland.  This satellite photo is of a bloom in May.  I heart photoplankton!

Next week's Starred Saturdays may be a bit late due to travel -- just fyi.

Living it up through links,


  1. You can have one of those bookshelves? How will it get built? Do you have in your near family one of those magical people who can just look at pictures of something made of wood and then recreate it?

  2. Must have that bookcase! And style for nerds??? I need that!

  3. Jenny - Okay, so I'm not actually moving or getting the bookshelf. But! If I do, I have a dad that could probably make me something awesome.

    Jenners - Haha. My nerd has his own style and I don't think it's ever going to change!