Saturday, August 14, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of August 8

With my slight blogging lull, I almost forgot this post!  Instead, I spent most of the evening looking at my British Columbia guide books because I'm heading out in a few days to visit Victoria, BC.  I promise piccies, Al!  I'm really excited to see the city and the ocean and also to meet a fellow blogger.

First, I'm going to be a bit serious and recommend that you become familiar with "net neutrality" (if you aren't already) and what it means to you as an internet user and also as a blogger.  Publishers Weekly and io9 have some simple to understand views on the issue.  This may be something that we need to contact our elected officials about in the near future (although I happen to know that my congressman is a strong supporter of net neutrality).  Whew!  On to the fun ...

Decades old chemistry set box art?  Awesome!  Chemistry appears to either make kids happy or pensive.

I'm an office supply addict (and I know a few of you are as well!) so I loved Flavorwire's "Grown-up Back-to-School Shopping List".  I'm definitely going to try the new Sharpie Liquid Pencil (erasable at first and then permanent after three days) and the Polar Bear Storage Unit needs to find a home with me!

Ever wonder what Edgar Allan Poe's room at the University of Virginia looked like?  Well, it's still there.

Scott Wade is an artist in Texas that recreates artistic masterpieces in the dirt on car windows.

Love these photos of the hobbit holes that were left behind in New Zealand after The Lord of the Rings filmed there.  The current residents are even hairier than hobbits!

And while we're talking about animals:  Snow leopards like Calvin Klein Obsession for Men, penguin chicks are incredibly cute and great white sharks that circle your surfboard are not (there's a video!).

Finally, are you familiar with the photochrom process?  It was a way in the 1890s that they colorized black and white photos to make some really surreal looking images.  This one is of a cave in Scotland, taken between 1890 and 1900.  Amazing!

Preparing for adventure,


  1. I like the car art! I wonder, does he ask the owners' permission and then they stick around for the finished product, or does he do it to random cars, and then the owners get back and ta-da! Mona Lisa! :p

    The penguins are adorable. I can haz pet penguin?

  2. Love the photos of Hobbiton's and it's new residents! When we were in New Zealand, we went to some of the places used as film sets, including Deer Park Heights (Two Towers - the march to Helm's Deep where they get attacked by Wargs) and Arrowtown (Fellowship - where Arwen makes the river rise and drown the Nazguls' horses) - but we didn't go to Hobbiton.

    Enjoy your break.

  3. Have a great break and enjoy your vacation. Thanks also for the link on Google Books--I'm off to go check it out.

  4. Jenny - I don't think it's really an incentive to get people to wash their cars, is it? And I *lurve* the penguins!

    Tracy - I would love to make that trip at some point!

    Danielle - I've got a few days before I go but I'm excited! I don't get to take a true vacation very often.

  5. Loved the links this week (though yes, I am way behind in commenting about it!)!! I loved those grown-up school supplies!! Very cool!! And, I would love to visit those hobbit holes! I've been trying to re-visit The Lord of the Rings trilogy, so hobbits have been on my mind! :)