Saturday, September 4, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of August 29

We'll have to see how much energy I can muster for this post.  Z started first grade this week and I thought that having him away all day would be restful.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I'm really not used to waking up early in the mornings and so I inevitably ended up taking a nap while he was away, burning up most of my wonderful free time.  And now this weekend has brought new tortures with the fitting of a bridesmaid dress.  My guts are squished and I'm not happy.

Oh, we missed last week because of my vacation so let's see what I have in the old "starred" list --

These limestone spires in Madagascar don't even look real.  The lemur perched on them doesn't help.

These birds, captured in extreme detail against a white background, don't look real either.  The photographer, Andrew Zuckerman, swears they are, though!

If you missed this story of a would-be mugger that got brained by an old man's library books, you're in for a treat!

I don't know why I starred this link except I just like looking at pictures of Grace Kelly.  She was so beautiful!

A Tardis at MIT?  So silly!

I want a million of these teeny, tiny frogs.

I suggested to T that my ashes be made into an LP when I died and he said something about it putting out a screeching, nagging sound.  Hmm ...

And, um, that appears to be it.  I need a picture.  This is the first one that came up from Stumbleupon (and I love it!) --

It doesn't appear to be credited but whoever took it caught a unique moment!

Three day weekend equals snoozefest,


  1. I want to be hugged by a tiger!!!

  2. I ran across your blog while doing a little blog hop of my own.

    I'm a new follower! (I thought I already was, but no.)

    My Sunday Salon is here:

    Hope you will drop by!

  3. That photo is too precious! BTW...Barnacle Love looks good!

  4. Aw, the froggies! I went with my friend to the pet shop to get feeder rats for her boas, and we saw a bunch of adorable little frogs--though none as tiny as the ones in your link, of course. :D

  5. Jenners - A white tiger at that!

    Readerbuzz - Thanks for stopping by!

    Diane - I think that you would like Barnacle Love!

    Jenny - I wouldn't mind having a frog tank. They're cute little buggers.