Saturday, October 2, 2010

Away for the Day

photo by K

We're off at a wedding today so you'll just have to make do with this spider for company.

Enjoying a little time out of the office,
K and Z


  1. Aw, sounds fun! Have a lovely time! :)

  2. Love love love the web! They can be hard to capture. We had the most amazing one the other day, outlined in dew. The morning was all foggy and it was just amazing. The light was so weird though that it was hard to capture. It looks like yours is empty in the middle though. Strange! Maybe she isn't done weaving.

    Hope the wedding is fun!

  3. Hope your wedding was fun. Aren't spiders the most industrious insects?
    Great capture.

  4. Thanks, Jenny!

    Jenners - Yeah, webs are tough but they are one my favorite things to photograph. We have quite a few empty centers around here. I think it might be because of the wind.

    Diane - It was a beautiful wedding. And we have many, many spiders around and they are definitely industrious! They also have taken a liking to Z and he is covered in bites. ;)