Saturday, November 13, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of November 7

Well, I briefly felt like I needed to apologize for disappearing for a bit this past week but then I remembered that I'm allowed to take a break from the blog every once in a while.  It's not a job and even if it was, I would take a vacation occasionally!  The good news is that I'm feeling refreshed and more motivated and ready to ramp back up.  So, today's links seem to be all about art!

Do pictures of Earth from space ever get old? How about ones that show the lights of major cities as seen from the International Space Station?

And I think my new photographic obsession is the work of Edward Horsford and his surreal captures of exploding water balloons.  The shape of the water and the shape of the spent balloon are both beautiful.

Hyperrealistic seems to be the most recent art movement and I am a big fan.  Marc Sijan is a master of eerily realistic sculpture and Max Ferguson paints in the most amazingly detailed way.

Certainly the most unusual animal photography I've ever seen is that of Ryan McGinley and his animals and nudes (really, really not safe for viewing at work and not for you if you're uncomfortable with nudity).  If you would like to enjoy some beautiful and safe-for-everyone animal photography, the work of Charlotte Dumas should be a better fit.

And since we've already hit sculpture, photography and canvassed art today, here are some amazing 3-D murals by Eric Grohe.  Some of them look perfect enough to walk right into. (via Flavorpill)

Oh! I almost forgot Simon Schubert and his folded paper art!  I wasn't sure what that meant when I saw the name and then I saw the art and was absolutely blown away.

And I'll leave you today with the film trailer for the new Jane Eyre that is coming out in March and stars Mia Wasikowska (Alice from Tim Burton's recent film).  It looks stunning!  (And honestly, I would watch it anyway for Dame Judi Dench.)

Back in the bloggy saddle,


  1. Yay, Jane Eyre! I like Mia Wasikowska, and I actually think she could be a really good Jane. Maybe. Although the 2006 BBC version is my favorite adaptation so far...

  2. OK ... now I want to go try and explode water balloons and have my husband photograph them! Too cool!

    And it is true ... you CAN take a bloggy break whenever you need to!

  3. I'm not attached to Jane Eyre the book, so the new movie looks like fun!

    And like you, I'll watch anything Dench is in. :D

  4. Jenny - I'm still on the fence about Mia but I think this role could be perfect for her. And I really have yet to see a Jane Eyre that I didn't like. (In my mind, Jane is Charlotte Gainsbourg from the 1996 version. I'm still waiting for the perfect Rochester.)

    Jenners - I know! I want to do that too!

    Eva - I have always loved the book but I'm able to separate the films and miniseries and not be picky. It's a good story however it's told.