Thursday, December 23, 2010

Can the weather be welmish?

Jenners has inspired me with her post about the Save the Words organization.  She had become a regular jobbler and I'm very proud of her!  Since this is a cost-free commitment (unless you want to buy a t-shirt), I have taken it upon myself to save TWO words --

The first is welmish, an adjective meaning "of a pale or sickly colour".  Being in the Pacific Northwest, land of the pale and sickly-coloured, I feel I can give this word a good home in my winter vocabulary.  There is also a welmish Etsy store with some pale-coloured items along with icons of the saints.

My second word is speustic, another adjective meaning "made or baked in haste".  This will apply to many of my dinners and most of my blog posts!  I'm sure you've deduced that this is one of those speustic posts.

So now please excuse me as I whip up some cookies in my normal speustic manner and try to get outside to combat my welmishness.

Saviour of the words,


  1. I love "speustic"! That applies to so many things in my life too. I'm going to start working it into conversations.

  2. LOL!!! I love speustic!! That sounds all too familiar to me!! Now, just wondering how I pronounce it?!?

  3. Jenny - I really do feel like this word was sitting out there waiting for me!

    Tif - SPEW-stick, I believe. ;)

  4. Love your words ... and speustic applies to way too many things in my life as well. Great one!

  5. Jenners - The more I think about it, the less sure I am that I want a word like speustic surviving! ;)