Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Release: Sapphique

I'm not a huge reader of dystopian fiction but was intrigued by Catherine Fisher's Incarceron earlier this year and found that there were elements that made it a decent fit for me.  Next week the sequel, Sapphique, will be released and I think this pair of YA novels are well worth reading.  Together they are a complete story of hope, endurance and discovery.  (Note: Sapphique is not a stand-alone novel.  You will be very confused if you try and read it on its own.)

These two books tell the story of two places -- the prison Incarceron and the world Outside.  Finn has grown up inside the prison but never seems to entirely fit in.  He has seizures and strange visions of another place but doesn't know what he is seeing.  Claudia has grown up Outside as the prison warden's daughter.  She is brash and confident and engaged to a real boor.  When Claudia starts becoming suspicious that things in the prison aren't as they've always been told, she starts on a journey that leads her to Finn.  Together they must save everyone in both worlds from a prison that is sentient, vindictive and lonely.

These stories are part fantasy, part steampunk and are definitely YA.  There is a very pleasant resolution at the end of Sapphique and I was caught up in many of the issues that it explored.  I thought the worlds were well constructed and I will be looking into Fisher's previous novels as well.

Peering into other worlds,

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  1. I struggle with YA Dystopia .. I'm always disappointed. Maybe this would be a better fit for me.

  2. I really, really liked Incarceron! I listened to it on audio, which made it a bit more difficult to follow at first, but once I "got it", I was hooked! I would purposely go out for walks just so I could listen more! I cannot wait to read this one!! Do you know if there is going to be more in the series or does this one wrap things up?

  3. Jenners - I struggle with all dystopia. This is the best I've ever done with it!

    Tif - This one really wrapped things up. For some reason I thought it was going to be a trilogy but it's done now. After Incarceron, this one is much easier to follow because you know the characters and unique world. I hope you like it as much as you liked the first!

  4. This is so good to know! I love series, but sometimes, I'm so glad to have some closure with one or two books!