Saturday, December 4, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of November 28

I'm getting really bad about putting together these Starred Saturdays posts.  You see, I used to sit on the couch on Friday night, catching up with some tv watching and getting my Google Reader to zero.  Then I would have a great set of things that caught my eye to share with all of you.  And then the laptop decided to become a desktop and I have to sit in another room at a desk in a folding chair and it just doesn't seem like the most fun activity for a Friday night any more!  So, I apologize for my spotty posting but I'm hoping for a new laptop in the next month or so and then blogging will be easier again.

I forgot to include this in my post on A Razor Wrapped in Silk this week but here is a reading from the author, Roger Morris.  It's not a professional setting, just an author in his work space.  But if you weren't sure about the novel, this might convince you that it's worth picking up!

These post-it notes shaped like gingko leaves are beautiful.  I would have to buy a hundred stacks because I would put them everywhere!

I love this --

It's a compilation of multiple photos by Jim Kazanjian.  I just can't stop looking at it because I see something new every time.  Like, I didn't even notice that guy on the street for the longest time!  And I'm sure you DWJ fans might be thinking what I'm thinking that house looks like. (Flavorwire has more pictures that are equally awesome.)

The husband and I agree that there is possibly nothing cuter in this world than a baby dolphin.

The best billboard ever might just be the one that isn't really there.

Remember my obsession with the Aurora Borealis?  Yeah, I could watch this video forever.

And when I think that I might just be a decent photographer, I see these photos that were submitted to National Geographic and I stop deluding myself.

If you're a big Bill Murray/Wes Anderson fan, you'll love these.

And I'll leave you today with The Ghost King who resides in Fengdu, the City of Ghosts, in China.

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  1. The Kazanjian photo is amazing! It reminds me of the aftermath of a hurricane. I'll have to look at all the photos on Flavorwire.

    And I agree, that baby dolphin has to be the cutest thing EVER. I thought nothing was cuter than a baby panda, but I might be wrong.

  2. OMG! I love that photo by Jim Kazanjian! It is so amazing that I could look at it for hours! It kind of reminds me a bit of Escher's work.

    And, I love the bulletin board that is not there! We need more of those!

  3. Such a fun post! I love love love that photo of the house, incredible! It's true you really find more and more as you keep looking. Beautiful! Also, that baby dolphin is so cute!

    Fantastic post!

  4. These photos are so awesome--I could not stop staring at them.

    BTW Kristen, I loved you hoarders update that you posted for me.

  5. Oh My God ... I love the two photos you shared!!! Amazing!

  6. Karen - I think the baby dolphin looks cuter than ever because it's in someone's arms. You don't get a sense of scale when they're in the water. But they're really perfect little dolphins!

    Tif - Yes. Down with billboards, up with nature!

    Danielle - Thanks. :)

    Diane - I watched that Hoarders and was so incredibly sad but also happy that the situation could finally change.

    Juju & Jenners - I am constantly amazed by how artists' brains work. Creating something like that would NEVER occur to me.