Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A HOP and a Give-Away!

We have something really fun for you today. In celebration of the Friday movie release of HOP, we are giving away a prize pack of FIVE tie-in books from Little, Brown!

If you haven't seen the trailer for this film yet, it's the story of E.B., a teenaged bunny. His father is the Easter Bunny and is ready to retire. But E.B. wants to be a drummer in a rock band instead and so he runs away to Hollywood. He ends up staying with a man named Fred and is a less than stellar houseguest. Back at Easter headquarters, the chicks have decided to revolt and take charge of the holiday. Will E.B. accept his destiny before Easter is ruined? You can watch the trailer here.

These are the five books you could win for your family or to give away to other lucky kids:

Hoppy Bunnies is a great Easter basket board book choice for the youngest ones. It has three felt finger puppets attached that you can use while telling the short story of how the Easter Bunny delivers baskets to children. It's an Easter version of The Night Before Christmas poem! We would send this one to Z's almost one-year-old cousin.

Counting Chicks is another cute board book for toddlers who are learning to count. Featuring chicks Carlos and Phil, this one counts from one to ten through yummy-looking candy that needs to go into the Easter basket. This book would be perfect for Z's two-year-old cousin!

Meet the Easter Bunny is an early reader level book that takes young readers (and E.B.) on a tour through the Easter factory, deep under Easter Island. It's only loosely based on the film and is a cute and happy book. Chicks Versus Bunnies is more of a movie picture book, with a brief re-telling of the main movie story. It's more intense than the other book (with a bit of cartoon martial arts) but about at the same reading level. It has some punch-out Easter egg holders in the back. These books are just right for Z and his 1st grade cousin.

Hop: The Chapter Book is a 64 page book with twelve easy chapters and pictures from the movie. It would be perfect for 1st graders that are good readers and up or as a bedtime book. Z has decided to read one chapter a day.

What a great prize package! If you would like to win a set of these books, simply fill out the form below. This contest is for U.S. residents only. Entries will be accepted until end of day on Sunday when I will pick a winner.

HOPping off to the theater,
K and Z

Support our site and buy Hoppy BunniesCounting ChicksHop: Meet the Easter BunnyHop: Chicks Versus Bunnies and Hop: The Chapter Book on Amazon or find them at your local library. We received copies for review from a publicist and will be sharing them with cousins.


  1. Well, I would love to enter but feel bad since we just won one of your giveaways. but what the little one would be so happy. Here is hoping lightning might strike twice!

  2. I was conducting a review blog search when I was stopped in my tracks by your banner. Wow! Oz books! I have several of those very editions from my childhood (see how old I am). They helped put me on the path to writing children's fantasies. Cool.

  3. Jenners - No need to feel bad! They're open to everyone, even past winners!

    Steve - These are my mom's childhood books and I adore them. I'm glad to have caught your eye!