Saturday, April 2, 2011

Starred Saturdays: Week of March 27

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Welcome to Death Star Saturday! (I didn't get a chance to put up an April Fools' Day post so I couldn't resist a little joke today.) We're on Spring Break now but not going anywhere and it's supposed to rain all week. Doesn't that sound fun? If it clears up at all, I'll try and get out and get some unique Pacific Northwest piccies that would make Al's Uncle Harry proud.

I didn't know I needed a dress made of Golden Books until I saw it. I would insist on The Poky Little Puppy being front and center though! (And you can see how it was made by Ryan Novelline. Amazing.)

Edward Scissorhands, a movie I have watched an uncountable number of times, has been around for 20 years and Gallery Nucleus is having an exhibit of art inspired by the film. I love that they are serving ambrosia salad at the opening night!

If you don't get why some of us are making such a big deal out of the loss of Diana Wynne Jones, read what Neil Gaiman had to say about this amazing woman.

This one's for Diane -- someone in Paris has found a creative way of filling in potholes!

Flavorwire thought it would be funny to make some revisions to classic novels to render them gender-neutral. My favorite? A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Artist.

And I know we're supposed to be looking forward to spring but if we have to have one last look at winter, I can't think of a better one --

Listening to the rain on the roof,


  1. I wouldn't have said I loved the Golden Books enough to want a dress of them, but having seen the dress, OF COURSE I need one. Then my life would be perfect.

  2. Love the Death Star. I knew it immediately. The joys of having a boy.

  3. Kristen...very cool link; thanks so much for linking to me.

    BTW...I appreciate the email; "You are back on the roll".