Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Release: Tourquai

The third book in the Mollisan Town Quartet, Tourquai by Tim Davys has just been released and it's another journey into a town where stuffed animals live, work and play. While still a crime story, this is the first one of the novels to feature the police.

Superintendent Larry Bloodhound is a gruff, sloppy dog who receives an anonymous tip that a vulture has been killed. When Bloodhound gets to the high rise, he finds Oswald Vulture sitting at his desk, sans head. In another part of town, Igor Panda is an art dealer with less than stellar morals who is in over his head. How are these two stories related? Will Bloodhound find Oswald's head and can it still be reattached?

The one thing I like about these novels is that they have strong character development. The stuffed animals really come to life -- so to speak. This wasn't my favorite of these three novels though and I think it was because it was the first one where none of the characters were sympathetic. In that way, it was the darkest of all of these stories -- the one where everyone is flawed and alone. Somehow this seemed more bleak than drug addiction, violence and physical infirmity. I'm very curious to see if the final novel in the quartet, Yok, will be darker yet or if it will show some glimmer of redemption.

Never looking at those beady plastic eyes quite the same way again,

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  1. This just sounds like a book where I think "Just how exactly would this work??? It sounds so weird." You do find the most unique reads.

  2. Jenners - And I definitely thought that too before I read the series but it's all done in such a matter of fact way that you find yourself not questioning anything but taking this stuffed animal world for granted. I definitely choose a wide variety of books! It keeps me from getting bored.