Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scientists Are Our Friends

I strongly feel that exposure to a variety of subjects helps kids to be more open-minded about and less intimidated by those subjects later when they encounter them in school. This is why Z has a periodic table on his bedroom wall, why we do small experiments in the kitchen and why I'm always excited to find a good picture book biography to introduce another amazing person to Z. We're already in love with Dan Yaccarino's book about Jacques Cousteau, we're looking forward to Patrick McDonnell's book about Jane Goodall and now we have enjoyed Meet Einstein, written by Mariela Kleiner and illustrated by Viviana Garofoli.

Geared for preschoolers but fun for all youngsters, this is a book that introduces a few of the many roles of scientists to kids, including a basic introduction to the subjects that Einstein himself studied -- light and gravity. It shows all sorts of children doing basic science and gives examples of many of the every day things that can be explored. There's even a parents' section at the end that gives some facts about Albert Einstein and lists some questions that one could use to inspire and teach kids.

This book has the cutest endpapers I've ever seen and Garofoli's Einstein is adorable. The website for this book has some fun activities too, including a "Make Your Own Einstein" art project. And don't forget to celebrate Albert Einstein's birthday next week on March 14th!

Reveling in the joy of discovery,

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  1. The illustrations look so wonderful! And I think it is great to have books for kids that introduce them to great folks like Einstein. It is another way to make an intimidating subject come alive when a kid isn't too intimidated to dream big.

  2. Sounds like an excellent book.
    As well as books, I used to take my children to science museums and science festivals when they were young - they used to really enjoy them.

  3. Jenners - It's so incredibly cute! And it does simplify what Einstein did to a level that is not so intimidating. I would love to see a huge variety of these books for different age levels. This was a good pre-school/K book. Next we need a Grade 1-3 book!

    Tracy - We go to our local science museum as well. Z will definitely not be afraid of science!