Sunday, November 6, 2011

Please Excuse My Upcoming Absence

I have decided to pre-apologize for the fact that I will probably not be around the blogosphere (or Twitter) much over the next two weeks because I'm busy promoting reading in real life by chairing the Scholastic Book Fair at Z's school! Set-up is this week so I'm frantically getting some last minute things together and then I will be working the fair for most (or, more likely, all) of the following week. I'm still managing to spend some reading time with Agatha Christie but I might not have much blog writing time until later in the month. I'm sure you all understand my desire to help the school library. All of the funds and credits raised mean new books for the library -- something there can never be too many of (especially since I usually get to help unpack the boxes)!

Helping people everywhere find the right books,


  1. All in an excellent cause - have fun!

  2. I -- I could not be more jealous of you right now. I loved book fairs SO MUCH when I was in school, and I am sad that I became too old and graduated from school and stopped having book fairs. Book fairs are brilliant brilliant brilliant. All the books laid out on tables with their appealing covers....aah, they were the best. I think I got the third Harry Potter book at one of those fairs! And read it for the first time underneath my desk in class afterwards. :p

  3. You're excused.

    I could not think of a better reason to take a break from blogging! I hope you get some discounts for yourself and Z!

  4. Thanks, Tracy! It's been a lot of work but I'm excited to be supporting the library and getting books into homes!

    Jenny - We never had book fairs at my school but we did get the Scholastic book flyers and I LOVED those. It took me so long to pick a book or two to buy each time!

    Jenners - Thank you, ma'am! I'm still trying to decide how many books I'm going to let Z pick out for himself. I'll buy him books too but I'm sure they'll be of a higher literary quality than the ones he chooses. ;) (We are not having any Captain Underpants in our house no matter what!)

  5. I'm chairing my daughter's school bookfair, too. We set up this Wednesday! I can't wait to see what books people buy. That's the most fascinating part of working the fair. I also LOVE the scanning system Scholastic provides. No more trying to make change in my head.

  6. Brimful - It's a big job! I can't believe I've already committed to take it on next year too. :)

    Kailana - It's a lot of work but I am actually having fun with it!