Monday, January 16, 2012

All Apologies

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm having some issues with my site right now. I can't access it from any of our home computers for some stupid, most-likely-Comcast-related reason. I'm trying to figure out what exactly is going wrong and am hoping to be able to post again soon (my next entry needs links from past posts). I haven't stopped reading. In fact, I'm over half-way through Blackout by Connie Willis and am loving it! I'll start All Clear as soon as I'm done too in order to avoid any mid-story angst. Also, Z and I just finished The Phantom Tollbooth and I'm thinking of a fun way to tell you about that because we had a great time with the book!

In the meantime, please enjoy my snow.

Frustrated but hopeful,


  1. I envy your snow, and hope you can get your blog sorted out quickly! :)

  2. That is frustrating. Maybe it is the snow's fault!!!

  3. That's annoying! I hope you get the problem dealt with soon!

  4. Thought we hadn't heard from you for a while, Kristen - I hate it when I can't go online. Hope you're back soon.

  5. Argh to dodgy internet providers! At least you have awfully pretty snow.