Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Courtesy Reminder: The Technologists

I mentioned The Technologists in my January Literary Love Letter to Matthew Pearl and today it is finally available for purchase!

From that letter --
Like The Dante Club, I wasn't previously familiar with the characters or setting--the first graduating class of M.I.T., The Massachusetts Institute of Technology--but, by the end of the story, I became more invested in the lives of these young men (and women) than I would have thought possible. In fact, I was disappointed when the book ended because I wanted to follow your characters through the rest of their lives and even back into their pasts. With fascinating studies of science versus religion, Tech versus Harvard, women in education, the Civil War and more, this was a deep and thoughtful book that also read as a love letter to Boston, a city with a long history. And the mystery, oh, the mystery! I almost wrote you half-way through reading the book because I thought I was so clever and had it all figured out. But I was wrong and couldn't have been happier to be so. I didn't feel cheated or misdirected at all. I simply followed the clues, as did Marcus and the other Tech students. Even the best scientist can only form conclusions with the facts he or she has at hand.
Check out the website for a book trailer, a prequel short story, companion short stories and more. And head to your favorite indie bookstore and grab a copy today. You won't regret it.

Already contemplating a re-read,

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