Thursday, March 1, 2012

Celebrating Diana Wynne Jones in March

Granny Diana by yellowcrayolacrayon
used with permission
As we approach the anniversary of the passing of Diana Wynne Jones on March 26, I just couldn't let it go by without reminding everyone of the literary treasure that we lost last year. I can't believe we'll never have a new story from her. But, as should always be the case, I wanted this to be a celebration rather than a mourning. So, inspired by Jenny's Diana Wynne Jones Week in 2010, I would like to introduce

Diana Wynne Jones Month!

With over thirty novels and some short story collections to choose from, I would like to invite every one of my readers to pick up at least one book by Diana during the month of March. Most will only take you a few hours to read (because they're that good!) and you will be in for a real treat. Whether you decide to have some adventures with the famous Chrestomanci, brave the world of the wicked Aunt Maria or just meet Earwig, the protagonist of Diana's final book, Earwig and the Witch, it will be a chance to learn or remember just why she is such a beloved author.

My DWJ collection
So please, spread the word and spread the DWJ love! If you're on twitter, use the #dwjmarch hashtag so we can chat about her and her books. And if you write a blog post about the month, please leave the post link here in a comment.

As an added incentive (other than the undeniable pleasure of spending time with a wonderful author), if you come back to this post and tell me what book(s) you read by April 1, I will enter you to win a $20 giftcard to Powell's (open internationally -- another bookstore may be chosen). There will be re-releases of a few of DWJ's books in April--Fire and Hemlock, Dogsbody and A Tale of Time City--that you may just want to spend it on! Random prizes might be given out during the month too so don't delay. Read one of these wonderful books and get your name on the list.

Sending love to the heavens,


  1. Just by coincidence I picked up a DWJ book at the library yesterday (Howl's Moving Castle), so this will be extra incentive to actually read it before it's due. Last year, I read Fire and Hemlock, which was the first of her books that I've read, so I'm eager to try more.

  2. I'm so glad you're doing this. I'll be putting up my signup (of sorts) tomorrow, simultaneously with Adam's Magical March - they go so well together! :)

  3. You know that I will participate in this. The books look so pretty all piled up! I think I'll reread Conrad's Fate. It is relatively newish in my life, and I haven't read it nearly enough times.

  4. yay! Perfect excuse for me to finally read House of Many Ways :)

  5. Oooh looks like this is a fun event! I still have several DWJ books in my TBR pile and I think it's time to bump them up. I should finish reading the rest of the Chrestomanci books (I've only read volume I) as well as The Dark Lord of Derkholm. Also, it makes me happy that they're reissuing her old titles. I've heard good things about Fire and Hemlock.

  6. Oh! I've got a DWJ out from the library right now. :D

  7. I have to check if I have any other books by her, but otherwise I at least have Fire & Hemlock lined up. Or were we going to do the read along?

  8. You can definitely count me in! I just picked up Earwig and the Witch from the library.

  9. I'm in, I'm always looking for an excuse to read DWJ! Plus I have several of her books unread on the TBR shelf. And great news about the Fire & Hemlock reissue, what took them so long?

    Also, thanks for letting me know about Earwig, I hadn't heard about it so that is a treat!

  10. Three cheers for Diana Wynne Jones! I'll definitely read at least one of her books this month, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if that one led to another, and another, and maybe even another. :)

  11. I saw you mention this on Twitter several days ago, but haven't made it far enough down my feedreader to find the post, until today.

    I'm definitely in.

    I've been very slowly working my way through all her books. Very slowly, as I'm only up to Cart and Cwidder, but since that's next on my list, I shall aim to read at least that one in March.

    I finished reading Dogsbody to my son (he's 8) last night, which has been an interesting experience. I have lots of thoughts about it running around in my head and I'll try to get them down on paper before too long. If/Once I do, I'll come back and leave a link.

  12. It is always so sad to lose a brilliant author.
    Sounds like a great competition. And not "continentist"!

  13. Teresa - I hope you like it! (and I think you will ...)

    Amanda - So excited that you're onboard the DWJ train now!

    Jenny - Yes, I know. :) That's one I might reread this month too.

    Ana - Oh, I LOVE that one. Have already read it twice!

    Chachic - Yes, you should bump them up! And if you liked The Dark Lord of Derkholm, you should definitely also read Year of the Griffin. I liked it better and it's a great world.

    Eva - Awesome! Let me know when you've read it!

    Iris - If I can get a copy in the next week or so, I'll schedule a read along.

    Vasilly - Awesome! I can't wait to hear another opinion on that one.

    Karen - I love giving everyone an excuse to read DWJ. :)

    Memory - That's kind of what is happening to me. I'm finding it hard to read anything else!

    Kerry - Fantastic! I would love to hear how Dogsbody worked with an eight year old.

    Al - Isn't it though? And one of the best things about her is that she has fans worldwide! :)